A Chance to Lament – Sunday, March 4, 3 p.m.

Some of you took part in the discussion group a year ago during Season of Reconciliation, based on Soong-Chan Rah’s book Prophetic Lament, in collaboration with other Holland churches. In a continuation of that theme, and because many of us feel the need for more opportunities for collective lament, we will be welcoming a Chicago group to Hope Church, Plural Guild and The Many, who will help lead us in a service of lament. To quote from their website:

“The Plural Guild is a gathering of artists interested in doing worship in ways that speak honestly to the lives we live today. We have come together to create music, poems, prayer, visual art and liturgy that embrace questions and doubts, as well as faith. To make work that can be used in worship gatherings that is welcoming to all. That has eyes wide open to the pain of the world. That speaks of a God who came to this earth in Jesus to show us the way to love and live fully alive lives. Work that invites participation versus perpetuates performance.”

The Many will join us in worship on Sunday morning, March 4 and share a few musical selections with us. In the afternoon at 3pm, through music, liturgy, art, poems, and prayers, we will have a chance to lament together and privately. You may be interested in hearing more about their music – you can check out their website, pluralguild.com.

On their facebook page, their song All Belong Here, has gotten lots of attention, and is a compelling call for welcome. Please join us for this special event, sponsored by the Reconciliation Ministry and Worship, Prayer, and Spirituality Ministry, on Sunday, March 4 at 3 PM.

~Rhonda Edgington, Associate Director of Music & Organist