A Gland Orchestra!

Health Ministry Logo FINAL Feb. 2017What’s a gland? Can’t tell you. It’s not a thing. You can only know a gland in your body by what it does.

One internet site calls your body an “ORCHESTRA”. It has a Producer. Hypothalamus is the size of a Brazil nut squashed under the brain, and is extremely smart and responsible for everything the orchestra does.

Secreted substances go to every cello in the body for its many performances, creating harmony, balance and coordination while telling the Conductor what to do.

The Conductor is Pituitary, a peanut-sized guy who keeps the beat going no matter what the composition or how the organ sounds.

What does he direct? Hormones! (Oh, those!) However, many hormone substances are directed to specific measures all at the same time. Hypothalamus keenly listens to body needs of all kinds, decides the tempo and progression of every measure; Pituitary replies with control and sensitivity for peak performance.

Between Hypo and Pitu “there is a marvelous system of communication and expertise”; Conductor Pitu commands messages “in a language each cell understands and transmits immediately to be obeyed with appropriate action”. You can’t beat that!

If Hypo detects any slack or misdirection from Director Pitu, he intervenes and supplies or corrects. Example: if a baby growing in the womb isn’t getting a certain scheduled hormone, Hypo jumps in to correct the timing, keeps Pitu on the stick.

Pitu has two assisting hands, Anterior and Posterior, who each direct hormones to Principal gland section leaders, who administer to the many players.

Examples: Adrenal glands sit like little acorns cueing atop each kidney. The blood gets an Antidiuretic hormone to keep exact fluidity in the stream. Thyroid has a swell gland that directs and regulates the rhythm of all metabolism for growth in all sections- bar none!

The baton is always poised for whatever works are needed, from tonsils to toenails, skinned knees to brain surgery, sweat to icy chills, intake to output, recreation to procreation, bad moods to melodies, discovery to recovery.

Hypo and Pitu exclaim: “We have your back!- and a lot of other places.”

An orchestra performs with a multitude of players and supporters. In fact, a foot has 2,700 minute glands discharging substances. Certainly, some need that!- but that’s quite a song and dance.

Thus, hormones are constantly buzzing to every body part like “The Flight of the Bumble Bee”- without any rests.

One medical source resounded with: “The thought that these two little pieces of flesh can communicate with each other like conscious human beings and perform their multiple activities helps humans understand the Majesty of God.”

We embody this constant concert! It deserves more than our applause. How about, “Bless the Lord, Oh my soul, and all that is within me, Bless God’s holy Name!”

~Earl Laman, Health Ministry Member