Adult Education: March

Sundays, 9:40-10:40 am

March 4: Well-Being
We will focus on two facets of well-being by calling attention to: “I AM a living being!” Presenter: Earl Laman.

  • March 4: Born to Belong- we are not isolated and independent beings. Thus, we’ll view the promise and complications of “be-longing”, once again via experiences and realities arising from therapeutic journey.

March 11, 18 & 25: A Light Unto My Path: Interpreting Scripture as Reformed Christians
On March 11, 18, and 25 Jim Brownson will be presenting a three-session series titled “A Light Unto My Path: Interpreting Scripture as Reformed Christians.” This class will view a 3-part video series created by Todd Billings with the title listed above. Churches throughout the RCA have been invited to view the series and to engage its contents, particularly in light of recent divisions and conflicts within the denomination. We will participate in this invitation, exploring the range of approaches to Scripture that are part of the Reformed tradition, and inviting reflection on how the faithful use of these traditions can speak to and inform our present controversies. The series will be led by Dr. Jim Brownson, who serves as the James and Jean Cook Professor of New Testament at Western Theological Seminary, and who has been a long-time member of Hope Church.