Announcing Beth Carroll, Our New Pastoral Resident For Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Beth CarrollIt is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Beth Carroll to a newly created position of Pastoral Resident for Youth and Young Adult Ministry. This position combines two positions which were previously budgeted, that of Youth Ministry Director, and Young Adult Ministry Director, into a full-time position for a one-year appointment as pastoral resident beginning June 1, 2016 through May 31, 2017. We are very fortunate to have someone with creativity and a strong commitment to the love of God, love of young adults and youth, and love of ministry among these emerging generations. Beth Carroll is not new to us, she has been working with our youth as director of youth ministry for the past year.

Why this position now? Hope Church values its role as a teaching church for students from Western Theological Seminary during their preparation for full-time ministry and for recent seminary graduates as they continue growing in their understanding and practice of ministry. In recent years the congregation has welcomed a post-seminary pastoral resident who also served for a two-year period. This pastoral residency ended in March 2016. Because the model has worked well the Personnel Committee proposed and consistory approved hiring a second pastoral resident for a one-year term, June 2016 – May 2017, in order to provide support and continuity for two key areas of our congregational life. The congregation has indicated that spiritual development for youth and young adults is a primary focus in the years ahead. Finding the person who can provide continuity and leadership is particularly valued. Having a full-time position filled by someone who already knows our young people and has established relationships with them seems especially important.

Primary Focus of Position: Beth as pastoral resident will focus primarily on the youth program and ministry with young adults including post-high school through early 30s. She will support the Fish Club and High Hopes programs including pastoral care and spiritual development for youth and their families, and she will continue the ministry with young adults including the current Hope and Grace Episcopal cooperative program working with programming and spiritual development of young adults.

As we move into a new phase with new facilities, we as a community will need to discern our long-term staffing needs, however in the ensuing year, we are grateful to move ahead with this one-year appointment as we continue to Discern Our Future. More detail and answers to questions will be available at the April 24 Congregational meeting. Please join us in welcoming Beth into this position.

~Personnel Committee