Sermons from the 11 a.m. worship service at Hope Church are available, when possible, as a downloadable text document (PDF) and audio (MP3). Each worship service is also available on an audio CD through the church office. The complete archive follows in chronological order for each year.

You can also join us on WHTC (1450 AM) each week. Listen live on Sundays at 11 a.m.


January 7: Epiphany Eyes, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
January 14: The Rub of Reconciliation: Judgement and Grace, Jill Russell (audio)
January 14: Witness to Reconciliation, Greg Olgers (audio)
January 21: Cleaning Fish, Beth Carroll (audio)
January 21: Witness to Reconciliation, JoAnne Brooks (audio)
January 28: Knowledge and Love, Cassie Nelson-Rogalski (audio)
January 28: Witness to Reconciliation, Jon Jerow (audio)
February 4: You Winsome, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
February 4: Witness to Reconciliation, Karen Van Doorne (audio)
February 11: Youth Sunday – Pay It Forward, (audio)
February 18: Walking with Jesus, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
February 25: Walking with Jesus, Jill Russell (audio)
March 4: The Fourth Step, Beth Carroll (audio)
March 11: Walking with Jesus, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
March 18: Walking with Jesus, Jill Russell (audio)
March 25: The Christian Story, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
April 1: Resurrection as Resistance: Finding the Seedbed of New Life, Jill Russell (audio)
April 8: Rejoice? Rejoice!, QiaoQiao Chen (audio)
April 15: Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
April 22: The State of the Pasture, Beth Carroll (audio)
April 29: Learning to Breathe Again, Jill Russell (audio)
May 6: Subversive, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
May 13: Shattered and Uplifted, Jill Russell (audio)
May 20: Larger than Life, Beth Carroll (audio)
May 27: Clean Coal, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
June 3: The Gift of Prophets and Poets, Jill Russell (audio)
June 10: The Elephant and the Tree, CJ Kingdom Grier (audio)
June 17: When Jesus Fled from Herod, Agshin Jafarov (audio)
June 24: Weapons of Choice, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
July 1: Daughters in Faithfulness, Sisters in Suffering, Beth Carroll (audio)
July 8: What a Weak!, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
July 15: Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So, Gretchen Schoon-Tanis (audio)
July 22: Cultivating Kinship, Jill Russell (audio)
July 29: A Little Hope and a Touch of Grace, Jen Adams (audio)
August 5: Protecting the Brand, Brad Bartelmay (audio)
August 12: Flesh & Blood, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
August 19: Living a Wise Life, Eddy Alemán (audio)
August 26: When Fear Contracts, the Spirit Expands, Jill Russell (audio)
September 2: Slow to Anger, Quick to Love, Beth Carroll (audio)
September 9: About and With, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
September 16: Wisdom and the Joy of Being Wrong, Jill Russell (audio)
September 23: If a=b, and b=c, then…, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
September 30: Sermon, Jill Russell (audio)
October 7: World Communion Monday, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
October 14: Reclaiming Emptiness, Jill Russell (audio)

January 1: Two Men and a Baby, Gordon Wiersma
January 8: The Gift, Beth Carroll (audio)
January 15: Come and See, Jill Russell (audio)
January 15: Witness to Reconciliation, Karen Mulder (audio)
January 22: Sounds Fishy to Me, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
January 22: Witness to Reconciliation, Kate Mears (audio)
January 29: Both Wide and Deep, Jill Russell (audio)
January 29: Witness to Reconciliation, Laurie Baron (audio)
February 5: Youth Sunday (audio)
February 5: Witness to Reconciliation, David De Block (audio)
February 12: Guarding the Ways of Life, Jill Russell (audio)
February 19: The 1st Commandment, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
February 26: Listen!, Jill Russell (audio)
March 5: Bread, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
March 12: Wind, Jill Russell (audio)
March 19: Water, QiaoQiao Chen (audio)
March 26: Oil, Jill Russell (audio)
April 2: Flesh, Lynn Japinga (audio)
April 9: Palm/Passion Sunday: Worship for the Way of the Cross
April 16: Location, Location, Location, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
April 23: Once You Know the Whole Story, Jill Russell (audio)
April 30: Where is Jesus?, Alyssa Anten (audio)
May 7: Church Multiplication, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
May 14: Stones, Jill Russell (audio)
May 21: an unknown god, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
May 28: The Power of an Open Mind, Jill Russell (audio)
June 4: 70/2, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
June 11: What are Human Beings?, Rachel Brownson (audio)
June 18: The Force of Grace, the Power of Hope, and the Wisdom of Shaking the Dust off Your Feet, Jill Russell (audio)
June 25: Gospel Lives, Nate Schipper (audio)
July 2: The Good Shepherd, Steve Bouma-Prediger (audio)
July 9: What in the World?, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
July 16: What IS That?, Jill Russell (audio)
July 23: From Groaning to Glory, Ben Conner (audio)
July 30: Here is Your Security, Kate Meyer (audio)
August 6: Wrestling and Blessing, Jill Russell (audio)
August 13: Faith Flunky, Beth Carroll
August 20: Where Does It Stop?, Gordon Wiersma
August 27: God’s Faithful Provision, Tito Venegas
September 3: Attention, Curiosity, and the Beauty of Disruption, Jill Russell (audio)
September 10: Passover 2017, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
September 17: Learning to Modulate our Praise, Jill Russell (audio)
September 24: Making Whine in the Vineyard, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
October 1: God Works, Ann Kansfield (audio)
October 8: Rivalry Week, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
October 15: Missing the Party, Jill Russell (audio)
October 22: Judges 19 – Silent Night, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
October 29: (Em)Bracing Chaos, Jill Russell (audio)
November 5: Time Spirograph, QiaoQiao Chen (audio)
November 12: Choices, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
November 19: Risky Business, Beth Carroll (audio)
November 26: The Everlasting Instant, Jill Russell (audio)
December 3: Paying Attention, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
December 10: Advent Wisdom: Creating Strength and Beauty, Jill Russell (audio)
December 17: Advent Wisdom: Creating Strength and Beauty, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
December 24: Advent Wisdom: Creating Strength and Beauty, Jill Russell (audio)
December 31: Christmas Worship Service
January 3: Arise Shine, Jill Russell (audio)
January 10: Beth Carroll (audio)
January 17: Name Calling, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
January 17: Witness to Reconciliation, Larry Mulder (audio)
January 24: Body Language, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
January 24: Witness to Reconciliation, Curt Tofteland (audio)
January 31: Justice or Peace?, Jill Russell (audio)
January 31: Witness to Reconciliation, Jake Stryker (audio)
February 7: Youth Sunday
February 7: Witness to Reconciliation, John Koch (audio)
February 14: Led to Wander, Jill Russell (audio)
February 21: Wandering Without Fear, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
February 28: Feasting and Fasting, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
March 6: Wandering Feast, Jill Russell (audio)
March 13: Coming Home, Jill Russell (audio)
March 20: King and God and Sacrifice, Andrew Spidahl (audio)
March 27: The Resurrected One, Jill Russell (audio)
April 3: The Powers, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
April 10: Fierce Love aka Challenging the Powers, Jill Russell (audio)
April 17: A Guide to Wholly Living, Alyssa Anten (audio)
April 24: If I Knew that Tomorrow Was the End of the World…, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
May 1: Where You Live, Jill Russell (audio)
May 8: Security Check, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
May 15: Bless and Serve, Jill Russell (audio)
May 22: Truth Changes, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
May 29: Amazed, Jill Russell (audio)
June 5: I Don’t Believe in Miracles, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
June 12: Courage for the Call, Veda Gill (audio)
June 19: Possession, Problems, and Pigs at the Lake, Duane Loynes (audio)
June 26: When Raining Down Fire is Off the Table, Then What?, Jill Russell (audio)
August 6: Wrestling and Blessing, Jill Russell (audio)

July 3: “What to Do?”?, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
July 10: God My Refuge, Angel Lopez (audio)
July 17: The End is Near?, Beth Carroll (audio)
July 24: The Counter Intuitive Wisdom of Grace, Jill Russell (audio)
July 31: Four Things, Kama Jongerius (audio)
August 7: Faith, Fear, and Family, Rowland Van Es (audio)
August 14: “Know Jesus, No Peace”, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
August 21: Judgement Reconsidered: Fiery Love, Jill Russell (audio)
August 28: Where We Sit Matters, John Schmidt (audio)
September 4: Potter/y, Gordon Wiersma (audio)

September 11: (Un)Limited Love, Jill Russell (audio)
September 18: The LPCA, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
September 25: Finding the Sacred Center, Jill Russell (audio)
September 25: I Hear Your Fear and Your Pain, poem by Denise Kingdom Grier
October 2: Am I a Coward?, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
October 9: Community, Gratitude, and Healing, Jill Russell (audio)
October 16: The Grapes of Math, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
October 23: At the Intersection of Locusts and Luxury, Beth Carroll (audio)
October 30: Longing to Thrive, Jill Russell (audio)
November 6: O. Woe! N.O., Gordon Wiersma (audio)
November 13: Stewardship and the End of the World, Jill Russell (audio)
November 20: An Advent Resolution, Alyssa Anten (audio)
November 27: God With Us in Tension, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
December 4: God With Us in Harmony, Jill Russell (audio)
December 11: God With Us in Surprise, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
December 18: God With Us in Faithfulness, Jill Russell (audio)
December 25: Christmas Worship Service

January 4: Walking with the Wise, Andrew Spidahl (audio)
January 11: Water Rights, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
January 18: Tingling Ears, Jill Russell (audio)
January 18: Witness to Reconciliation, Deirdre Johnston (audio)
January 25: A Higher Calling, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
January 25: Witness to Reconciliation, Sam and Jean Martin (audio)
February 1: On Reconciliation and Being Right, Jill Russell (audio)
February 1: Witness to Reconciliation, Dan Fisher (audio)
February 8: Upside Down and Inside Out, Gordon Wiersma and G.I.F.T. Class (audio)
February 8: Witness to Reconciliation, Lee Marcus (audio)
February 15: Listen! Jill Russell (audio)
February 22: Lord, Have Mercy, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
March 1: Tending Fidelity, Jill Russell (audio)
March 8: Tending Wisdom, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
March 15: Rose Colored Glasses, Andrew Spidahl (audio)
March 22: Tending New Life, Jill Russell (audio)
March 29: Palm/Passion Sunday: Worship for the Way of the Cross
April 5: Alleluia, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
April 12: Surprised by Peace, Paige Convis (audio)
April 19: Change of Life and Heart, Jill Russell (audio)
April 26: Green Pastures, Still Waters, and Enemies, Julia Brown (audio)
May 3: Bowling Together, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
May 10: Holy Interruption, Jill Russell (audio)
May 17: What Goes Up, Must Come Down, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
May 24: I Have Many Things to Say, Jill Russell (audio)
May 31: Life in Community, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
June 7: A Royal Mistake?, Cindi Veldheer DeYoung (audio)
June 14: The Mystery of New Creation, Jill Russell (audio)
June 21: Target Practice, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
June 28: The Daughter, Beth Jarvis (audio)
July 5: Power in Weakness, Jim Brownson (audio)
July 12: Dancing With the Choir, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
July 19: Making the Connections, Jill Russell (audio)
July 26: Christina deGroot (audio)
August 2: The Circle of Relationships, Liz Testa (audio)
August 9: Toward a Fierce Commitment, Jill Russell (audio)
August 16: Grant Us Wisdom, John Schmidt (audio)
August 23: Tough Crowd, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
August 30: Stories from the Field, J.P. Sundararajan (audio)
September 6: Away from the Crowd, Andrew Spidahl (audio)
September 13: K(no)w Wisdom, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
September 20: Inside Out and Upside Down, Beverly Zell (audio)
September 27: The sacrament of Healing, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
October 4: World Communion, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
October 11: A Reversal of Fortune, Chris Dorsey (audio)
October 18: Too Close for Comfort, Chris Dorsey (audio)
October 25: Form Me and Re-form Me, Shari Brink (audio)
-“Room for All”, Hope Church Choir and soloist Riley Wells (audio)
November 1: “No Cry” Day, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
November 8: Desperate Times, Carol Bechtel (audio)
November 15: The Song that Never Ends, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
November 22: Game of Thrones, Carol Bechtel (audio)
November 29: Promise, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
December 6: Dawn, Jill Russell (audio)
December 13: Song, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
December 20: Rejoice!, Jill Russell (audio)
December 27: Christmas Worship Service


January 5: Bold Humility, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
January 12: Propensity to Bless, Jill Russell (audio)
January 12: Witness to Reconciliation, Randy Smit (audio)
January 19: About 4 p.m., Gordon Wiersma (audio)
January 19: Witness to Reconciliation, Virginia Beard (audio)
January 26: Great Light, Jill Russell (audio)
January 26: Witness to Reconciliation, Paul Smith (audio)
February 2: Blessed are the Pulled Apart and Put Back Together and Pulled Apart Again, Gordon Wiersma and G.I.F.T. Class (audio)
February 9: Restoring Beauty, Jill Russell (audio)
February 16: You Reap What You Sow, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
February 23: Beyond Being Right, Jill Russell (audio)
March 2: Good to be Here, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
March 9: The Anatomy of Temptation, Jill Russell (audio)
March 16: Creation Stories, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
March 23: The Subversive Power of Embrace, Jill Russell (audio)
March 30: Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Julia Brown (audio)
April 6: Dead Man Walking or Life of the Living Dead, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
April 13: Wait! Who Is This? Paige Convis (audio)
April 20: Interrupting the Natural Course of Things, Jill Russell (audio)
April 27: A Living Hope, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
May 4: Church Signs, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
May 11: Fourth Sunday of Easter, Jill Russell (audio)
May 18: A Stone in the Hand, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
May 25: Are We Listening? Jill Russell (audio)
June 1: It’s Not All About You, Jill Russell (audio)
June 8: Activate! Gordon Wiersma (audio)
June 15: Getting Our Story Straight, Carol Bechtel (audio)
June 22: A Sermon for the Preacher, Gretchen Schoon-Tanis (audio)
June 29: Standing on the Mountain, Andrew Spidahl (audio)
July 6: Woes, Weariness and Wisdom, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
July 13: The Parable of the Sowing, Steven Rodriguez (audio)
July 20: Finding Our Balance, Dawn Boelkins (audio)
July 27: All Things? Really? Jill Russell (audio)
August 3: Come Strive with Me, Terry DeYoung (audio)
August 10: A Piece of Cake, Julia Brown (audio)
August 17: Belhar 133, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
August 24: Mistaken Identity, Chris Dorsey (audio)
August 31: Knowing Your Name, Jill Russell (audio)
September 7: Table Talk, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
September 14: Perfectly Understandable, Jill Russell (audio)
September 21: Worthy, Gordon Wiersma
September 28: Is the Lord Among Us? Paige Convis (audio)
October 5: “10, 9, 8…”, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
October 12: The Thing about Idols, Jill Russell (audio)
October 19: What Belongs to God, Jill Russell (audio)
October 26: The Promised Land, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
November 2: It’s a Matter of Geography, Jill Russell (audio)
November 9: Apophatic and Cataphatic, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
November 16: Confidence and Courage, Julia Brown (audio)
November 23: When Justice and Mercy Meet, Jill Russell (audio)
November 30: Longing for Mercy, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
December 7: Longing for Comfort, Jill Russell (audio)
December 14: Longing for Healing, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
December 21: Longing for New Life, Jill Russell (audio)
December 28: Christmas Worship Service


January 6: Dusk or Dawn, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
January 13: Walking Through Fire, Jill Russell (audio)
January 20: Last Words, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
January 20: Witness to Reconciliation, Jean Cook (audio)
January 27: The Driving Force, Jill Russell (audio)
February 3: Who Gets the Love?!, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
February 10: Re-removing the Veil, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
February 17: Provisions for the Journey: Word, Jill Russell (audio)
February 24: Provisions for the Journey: Trust, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
March 3: Provisions for the Journey: Feast, Jill Russell (audio)
March 10: Provisions for the Journey: Forgiveness, Paige Convis (audio)
March 17: Provisions for the Journey: Extravagance, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
March 24: Palm Sunday Celebration, Jill Russell (audio)
March 31: Peter, Paul, and Mary, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
April 7: The Gospel According to Thomas, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
April 14: The Subversive Hope of Easter, Jill Russell (audio)
April 21: Earth Day Celebration: Beside Still Waters, Jill Russell (audio)
April 28: Old New(s), Gordon Wiersma (audio)
May 5: It’s in the Details, Jill Russell (audio)
May 12: Grounding the Ascension, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
May 19: Wild Winds, Jill Russell (audio)
May 26: Spirit of Truth, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
June 2: A Different Gospel? Wayne Bowerman (audio)
June 9: In the Meantime, Jill Russell (audio)
June 16: The More, the Merrier? Chris Dorsey (audio)
June 23: Silence; Silence; Silence, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
June 30: Andy Fierro (audio)

July 7: Proud to be Humble, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
July 14: Keeping It Real, Andrew Spidahl (audio)
July 21: Not As Easy As It Looks, Jill Russell (audio)
July 28: Peace in a World of Violence, Linda Knieriemen (audio)
August 4: The Family Inheritance, Sharon Arendshorst (audio)
August 11: From a Distance, Jill Russell (audio)
August 18: You Promised! Lynn Japinga (audio)
August 25: This is for real, Paige Convis (audio)
September 1: Mrs. Manoah, Lynn Japinga (audio)
September 8: The Poetry of Fierce Love, Jill Russell (audio)
September 15: Getting Lost, Lynn Japinga (audio)
September 22: Brokering Grace, Jill Russell (audio)
September 29: Bad Investments, Lynn Japinga (audio)
October 6: Toward a Deeper Union: The Place of Lamentation and Forgiveness in our Quest for Unity, Jill Russell (audio)
October 13: Settle Down, Lynn Japinga (audio)
October 20: The Word of the Lord? Lynn Japinga (audio)
October 27: Reformation, Innovation, Evolution, Jill Russell (audio)
November 3: Oh, When the Saints, Paige Convis (audio)
November 10: Family Values?, Lynn Japinga (audio)
November 17: Silence, Lynn Japinga (audio)
November 24: All Creation Held in Wisdom and Love, Jill Russell (audio)
December 1: Hope for Those Who Wait, Jill Russell (audio)
December 8: Peace for Those Who Are Weary, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
December 15: Joy for Those Who Are Watching, Jill Russell (audio)
December 22: Love Kins, Gordon Wiersma (audio)
December 29: Christmas Worship Service

January 1: Big Love, Lynn Japinga
January 8: Epiphanies, Jill Russell
January 15: Tingling Ears, Gordon Wiersma
January 22: Call and Resistance, Jill Russell
January 29: Prophecy and Polity, Gordon Wiersma
February 5: Reconciliation: Risks and Rewards, Jill Russell
February 12: Jump In?! Gordon Wiersma and the GIFT (Growing in Faith Together) Class
February 19: Mysticism and Mission, Jill Russell
February 26: From Death to Life: From Punishment to Promise, Gordon Wiersma
March 4: From Death to Life: From Survival to Trust, Jill Russell
March 11: From Death to Life: From Wisdom to Foolishness, Gordon Wiersma
March 18: From Death to Life: From Grace to Works, Gordon Wiersma
March 25: From Death to Life: From Stone to Spirit, Jill Russell
April 1: Palm Sunday
April 8: From Death to Life: By Way of Galilee, Jill Russell
April 15: United We Divide, Gordon Wiersma
April 22: 150th Anniversary Celebration Service: A Living, Breathing Hope, Carol J. Cook, guest minister
April 29: Through the Voices, Jill Russell
May 6: The Founding Story, Gordon Wiersma
May 13: The Impulse to Withhold, Jill Russell
May 20: Winner Takes All, Gordon Wiersma
May 27: Blowing in the Wind, Jill Russell
June 3: On Being Born of Water and Spirit, Gretchen Schoon Tanis
June 10: Strength of Soul, Jill Russell
June 17: Miracle Grow 101, Gordon Wiersma (download audio)

June 24: B. Chris Dorsey, guest minister
July 1: Summer Pledge Drive, Gordon Wiersma
July 8: The Gift of a Thorn, Andrew Spidahl
July 15: Success Reconsidered, Jill Russell
July 22: Come and Rest, Habeeb Awad
July 29: Saying Grace, Carol Bechtel, guest minister
August 5: The Stories We Tell, Jill Russell
August 12: Wonder Bread, Gordon Wiersma
August 19: You Are What You Eat, Randy Smit, guest minister
September 2: Where the Heart Rules, Jill Russell
September 9: Teachable Moment, Gorden Wiersma (audio)
September 16: The Peter Principle, Gordon Wiersma
September 23: Wisdom from Above, Jill Russell
October 7: Do You Have What It Takes? Jill Russell
October 21: A Ransom for Many, Gordon Wiersma
October 28: Living Reformation, Jill Russell
November 4: This Is Our God, Gordon Wiersma
November 11: Adventurous Devotion, Jill Russell
November 18: Defining/Defiant Prayers, Jill Russell
November 25: Christ the King!(?) Gordon Wiersma
December 2: Beyond Fear, Jill Russell
December 9: Focus Group Advent, Gordon Wiersma
December 16: Beyond Fear? Joy, Jill Russell
December 23: Beyond Belief, Gordon Weirsma