Children’s Ministry: February 2016

As the liturgical seasons change, there are changes made in each worship center. During Lent the colors of the room are changed to a subtle purple and the songs the children sing change. Purple is the color of preparation and waiting for celebration and we are preparing for Easter. Each worship center has a candleholder in the shape of a cross with six purple votive candles. Lent begins with all six candles lit and one candle is extinguished each week as we come nearer to the time when Jesus died on the cross. The children also share a simple feast of pretzels. The tradition is over 1,500 years old and it reminds us of the crossed arms of early Christians at prayer. The children are given a small bag of pretzels and a copy of the special prayer said in the worship centers each week to bring home and to share the tradition with their families. The children will also be given Lenten devotions to have in their homes.

~Jocelyn Van Heest, Children’s Ministry Director