Children’s Ministry: May 2018

Prayer PALS: Prayers Always Lovingly Said
On Sunday, May 6, we will celebrate the Children’s Sabbath, a day when we as a congregation promise to nurture and pray in support of the children of Hope Church as well as those children with special concerns around the world. We want to celebrate all children on this Sunday and each day that follows.

The congregation will have the opportunity to select names of children to support and pray for in the coming year. The names of all the children in each family will be included on the Prayer PALS sheet. Along with the names there are some suggestions and more information about how you can make a meaningful connection to those children through prayer and/or involvement with the family. The sheets will be distributed during the worship services on May 6 and they will also be available in the Gathering Area for a few weeks after the Children’s Sabbath. We will also provide cards that may be sent to the family to introduce yourself to them. Our children are an important and valuable part of our congregation as they share their joy and energy with each of us and we celebrate them.

Children in Worship Open House – Sunday, May 6
The children of Hope Church are excited to share their worship centers with the congregation. After worship on Children’s Sabbath, please make your way upstairs to the worship centers and visit with the children and their leaders. Leaders and some of the children will be available to explain how the children continue their worship each Sunday. You will be able to see the stories displayed and the materials they use to respond to the stories. What a wonderful way to make a connection with your Prayer PAL on this Children’s Sabbath. Remember there is an elevator to take you to the second floor! Come celebrate the children and see how they worship.

Church School/ Children in Worship
May 20th is the last Sunday for Church School and Children in Worship. The following week, May 27, children ages 3 through those who have completed 2nd grade will be meeting together in Room 204, upstairs in the Education Wing, when they are released from the 10 a.m. service. The teachers, worship leaders and children all had a very wonderful year together.

~Jocelyn Van Heest, Children’s Ministry Director