Ministry Highlight: Christian Education Ministry

Members: Co-Chairs: Sarah Kolk & Megan Marthens, Kristine Bradfield, Margaret Buckley, Judy Parr. Staff Support: Beth Carroll, Jocelyn VanHeest, Gordon Wiersma

The goal of the Christian Education Ministry is to help Hope Church members and friends to grow and deepen their faith, as we all seek to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. The ministry seeks to celebrate Hope’s diversity, to become even more faithful to the vision of Jesus and to assist the church in becoming a mission center in our community and world. The ministry is carried out with a focus on: adults, young adults, youth, and children. A year’s activities can include:

  • Sunday morning adult education on a variety of biblical and contemporary issues
  • mid-week groups studying current topics relating to the church and her mission
  • learning and service opportunities for youth
  • opportunities for families to fellowship together
  • weekly Children in Worship
  • a commitment to a Church School curriculum with a reformed foundation that presents the church family with ever new opportunities

The Adult Education Ministry including new ministry opportunities focused on Young Adults, functions under the umbrella of the Christian Education Ministry. (Hope Church website, 2017)

We have enjoyed our “Growing Season” during the late summer/fall months in our Worship Centers. We are now anticipating the coming Season of Advent. Our children and youth will hear the stories of Jesus’s birth in their Worship Centers, as well as look at how we can provide for those in need during this season of giving. As we look to the New Year, the Christian Education Ministry will be begin work on our mobile library carts. Please look for more details to follow on this topic. Our ministry always welcomes new members. If you are interested, please contact Sarah Kolk or Megan Marthens.

~Megan Marthens, Christian Education Co-Chair