Congregational Care

The Congregational Care Ministry (CCM) has undergone some changes! Prayerful discussions at many levels have led to the discontinuation of the Hope Church Care Group system. Care Groups were a wonderful form of connection and care for many years. The new CCM structure invites all members of the congregation to participate in this ministry of care.

The CCM design affirms that the whole congregation is one big circle of loving care and support. As a part of the circle of care, this new model invites you to participate in whatever ways you are each uniquely gifted to offer support and encouragement: a phone call, a note of comfort, an offer of help, a visit… You may also participate in several intentional ways. First, you may contact the office ( and ask to receive the volunteer blog. You can also sign up online at by entering your email address under “Follow Blog Via Email” and clicking “Follow”. The volunteer blog goes out from the office with special requests that need to be filled (meals, transportation, reading, home repair…). If a request fits your skills and schedule you may then volunteer to help fulfill that particular need.

Second, you may ask to have your name added to the prayer link. Whenever someone authorizes the office to share a prayer concern, you will receive an email and the privilege of praying for that person or concern. In addition, we encourage you to call the office (616-392-7947) whenever you have a concern or joy to share, so that our circle of care might enfold you as well!

Congregational Care Ministry members operate within this circle of care offered by the whole congregation. In the new design, CCM members will continue to offer support according to the CCM members’ interests and gifts. Several members will work with the office to facilitate meals and transportation and help respond to other requests. Along with the pastoral staff, CCM members will continue to visit and build relationships with those among our congregation who are no longer able to attend church.

Through this new design, the Congregational Care Ministry members look forward to serving with you in our love and care for one another.

~Sharon Arendshorst and Steve Griffore, Congregational Care Ministry co-chairs