Connections: 2013-2014 Christian Education Brochure

Connections Logo for webWords are important, and actions are too. As Hope Church looks ahead to another program year in its ministry, the Christian Education Ministry offers the theme of “Connections” to bring our words and actions together as a community of faith.

The words are important: “Connections: God, Neighbor, World.” They are an expression of the reconciling grace of God and of the themes of ‘Connecting’ and ‘Engagement’ that Hope Church has discerned for its ministry.

And what might those words look like in action? How about a puzzle! To be connected by God’s grace is to be linked to our God, our neighbors, our world. To be connected is to no longer be on our own, but put together into something greater, better, complete.

Look at the opportunities here for ways to make, deepen, and renew connections to God and others in your life.  Look for ways to link our words and our actions. The puzzle won’t be complete without you!

Download the 2013-2014 Christian Education Brochure