Deacon Fund Needs Your Support

Hope Church members are generous people, having supported the Deacons’ Fund with donations of over $8,400 in 2017. However, the needs of the congregation as well as the local and global community continue to grow. Disbursements from the Deacons’ Fund in 2017 totaled over $15,000 (the difference made up by a balance from the previous year and special gifts targeted for specific needs). Thus, the Deacons’ Fund currently has a historically low balance.

Here are some of the ways the fund was used in 2017: gifts cards for gas and groceries, automobile repair expenses, rental assistance, utility assistance, dental assistance, hurricane assistance, surgery assistance, and assistance for people living through the Flint water crisis.

These types of immediate needs are not always provided for in our annual budget, but the Deacons’ Fund allows our pastors and staff to offer relief on a short term basis when our members and others in the community don’t have other resources. It is monitored by our financial administrator and senior deacon to make sure it is used responsibly according to Hope Church ministry goals.

The Board of Deacons asks that you take note of the yellow envelopes placed in your giving box every few months. The first one for 2018 will be dated for February 3rd, but you can also give at any time of the year by writing Deacons’ Fund in the memo line on your check.

Thank you for your support of this fund, and please continue to give generously. It can make the difference between hope and despair when someone faces a crisis.