Deacons’ Fund: Help from the “Yellow Envelopes”

Often our pastors or the staff encounter someone with a need— money for food, gas to get to a job interview, counseling to help with a family situation—and want to help. Thank goodness for your generous support of the Deacons’ Fund! It gives the staff a source of ready cash to respond right away. (If the amount needed is large, the Senior Deacon is consulted before assistance is given.)

When you put a little something in that yellow offering envelope every couple of months, you help replenish this fund that is used for our members and others from the community who find themselves needing a little help. Need takes many forms, such as utility payments to prevent gas or water shutoff, a rent payment so someone doesn’t lose their home, or furniture and appliances to make a new place livable—as well as the usual food and gas.

There are designated offering envelopes for the Deacons’ Fund, but if you feel led to give at other times, don’t let the lack of a yellow envelope stop you. Just use any envelope and write “Deacons’ Fund” on the outside (or on the check memo line).

The deacons monitor this fund at our meetings and plan to submit a report to the congregation at the end of the year highlighting some of the ways the money has been used.

Thank you for supporting this ministry arm of Hope Church!

~Judith Boogaart, Deacon