December, January & February Greeters

The following list reflects the households assigned to greet for the next three months (Please note: the schedule for the entire year is also now posted on a “Greeter Schedule” poster in the gathering area):

December Greeters
03 Marianne Bomer
10 Judy Bos
17 Robert & Margaret Bos
24 11 AM: Cal & Barb Bouma
5:30 PM: Peter & Judith Boogaart
11 PM: Tom & Judy Boogaart

January Greeters
07 Steve & Celaine Bouma-Prediger
14 Matthew Boyle
21 Al & Kristine Bradfield
28 Andrew & Carrie Bredow

February Greeters
04 Brad & Barbara Bright
11 Terry & Tracy Brower
18 Bill & Michelle Bryson
25 Julie Clough & Margaret Buckley

If you are unable to greet on your assigned service, you are invited to either switch with someone or find your own substitute. You can communicate this change by marking the change on the Greeters Schedule poster on the music room windows, or by calling the office and a staff member will mark the change for you. If you prefer to have a member of the Outreach and Hospitality Ministry assign a substitute greeter, contact the office. If you are willing to volunteer as a substitute greeter or greet more often than once a year, please contact the office.