Everybody Belongs, Everybody Serves: April 18

If you looking for ways to support the needs of all persons within your congregation, plan to attend “Building a Sense of Belonging and Wholeness in the Church and Community.” This workshop will provide ways your church can support its work for and with persons with disabilities.

This workshop (7 to 9 p.m., Tuesday, April 18, at Hope Church, 77 West 11th Street, Holland, MI) will include presentations by:

-Melissa Conner, Director of Friendship House and Renew Therapeutic Riding Center
-Joseph Cusack, Regional Disability Advocate for the Zeeland Classis, RCA
-Julie Essenburg, Regional Disability Advocate for the Muskegon Classis, RCA
-Angie Puterbaugh, Social Worker at Ottawa County Community Mental Health
-Judy VanderWilt, Regional Disability Advocate for the Holland Classis, RCA
-Yvonne Williams, Regional Disability Advocate for the South Grand Rapids Classis, RCA

CRC and RCA Disability Concerns staff members Mark Stephenson and Terry DeYoung will be on hand as well. This event is sponsored by West Michigan Disability Advocates (RCA and CRCNA). There is no cost for attending this event. For further information, contact Judy VanderWilt (616-399-5438).

~Disability Concerns Task Force