Gratitude for Your Attitude of Caring

k10560342Once again, the deacons thank the Hope congregation for generously supporting the Deacons’ Fund through our Easter Offering. A lot of other people are thanking you, too!

One person helped by the fund wrote: “Dear Board of Deacons: My heart overflows with gratitude for your generous gift. It touched my heart deeply. I praise Jesus for your helping hands. Thank you, thank you. God bless you for your kindness.”

Deacon Fund resources were also used in response to a Western Seminary appeal to help three seminary families. Kristine Bradfield purchased groceries to make food baskets for each family that contained apples, eggs, meats, vegetables, pasta and sauce, pancake mix, a package of cookies—many foods that are often not available at distributions.

One family wrote: “My family and I are very thankful to God for His faithfulness to us. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for the generosity He has placed in your hearts. This offering we received from you arrived just in time for our household, just like every blessing from God. I pray that each household and family of this congregation is never lacking in anything, and that there is always prosperity, health, and much of His precious love among you. May the peace, protection and love from our heavenly Father be always in your lives.”

The person who was traveling north for a job interview and didn’t have enough gas to get there thanks you for a gas gift card. The persons suffering from grief and depression thank you for helping finance counseling sessions. The one whose heat was going to be shut off thanks you for a utility payment.

So many needs, so many ways you help. God bless you for caring!

~Board of Deacons