How Congregational Care and Pastoral Care Happens

Have you ever wondered how the pastors and congregational care ministry members learn about people’s needs for care? The very simple answer is they know what people tell them.

So here is a request from your pastors and congregational care group leaders: please let the office know if you are facing a hospitalization or any other time in life when you might appreciate some outreach and care.

We welcome those calls. If you know of someone going through something and have their permission to pass it along to the pastors, please call and let them know. They much prefer to be told the same thing 15 times than to miss an opportunity to reach out in love to someone in a time of need.

One final note: if you are ever hospitalized tell the hospital staff to call your pastors if you would like them to know. This should be asked of you during intake. It doesn’t always happen so don’t hesitate to bring it up yourself. If you ask them to call the church, they will do it. If you want only the pastors to know and not the church office, ask for a chaplain and pass along this request to them. They will then handle the request discreetly and contact the pastors directly.