Kids Hope Celebrates Program Year

Anne Duinkerken and Barbara Joldersma, Co-Directors, Hope Church Kids Hope USA

eIMG_0382_edited-1Hope Church’s Kids Hope program concluded its 2013-2014 program year on May 2. A highlight of our final week was the year-end party held on Thursday, May 1. Approximately 90 people were present for this celebration where we recognized the 16 children we have mentored this year.

The party began with bowling, followed by Bingo and a kid-friendly dinner, but probably the most anticipated portion was the individual recognition of each Kids Hope student by their mentor and prayer partner. Certificates of participation were awarded and words of affirmation read, and all of this was followed by the Hope Church Kids Hope cheer originally composed by Judy VanderWilt. Students, parents and siblings, Vanderbilt staff, and Hope Church volunteers participated enthusiastically as the party came to a close.

Although our year has officially ended, the months of June and July are also special for more than half of our Kids Hope students. Thanks to the generosity of members of the Hope Church family, nine of them plus one sibling will have the opportunity to go to day or overnight camp at Camp Geneva. We are so grateful for this opportunity and ask for your prayers for each of them. Their names will be listed in the bulletin the Sunday before the week they go to camp.

Finally, we want to offer a special thanks for the on-going support of the entire congregation. We know this ministry would not exist without you. Thank you for your prayers and for the financial support which makes all of this possible. We look forward to continuing this ministry with you during the 2014-2015 school year.