Kids Hope: December 2017

I would like to introduce to you our Kids Hope “Family” for the 2017/2018 school year. The following people will be mentoring at the school 1 day a week and building a relationship that truly makes difference in their child’s lives. Linda Cook, Dave Boelkins, Barb Blauw, Barb Knoops, Rhonda Edgington, Sandy Mulder, Connie Vandervelde, Tim Pennings, Brad Bright, Stephanie Beyer, John Beyer, Steve Berry, Andrew Bredow and Bob Jordan.

Kids Hope USA believes that what makes their program so successful is that each mentor and student is backed up by prayer. The following Hope members are on our prayer team this year: John & Stephanie Beyer, Jill Russell, Stephanie Krom, Mary Buys, Jane Schuyler, Dorothy Sherborne, Jan Fike, Kari Miller Fenwood, Dave Van Doorne, Judy Mastenbrook, Connie VanderVelde, Sandy Mulder, Josh Bochniak and Anne Anderson.

Helping make sure that our Kids Hope kids see someone every week even when their mentor can’t be there are the following subs: Sharon Arendshorst, Carole Hintz, Barb Joldersma and Josh Bochniak.

As you can see it “takes a village” to make this program work and I am so appreciative of everyone who is involved. We could always use more help though and here are the current needs:

  • Someone to sub for a 3rd grade boy on Tuesday at 10:30 when needed (training provided)
  • Someone to sub for a 1st grade boy on Thursday at 9:30 when needed (training provided)
  • Volunteers to help with special events like Fun Day, Bowling and the Year End Celebration
  • Volunteers to help make food for our events

Finally, I just want to say what a blessing this job as Kids Hope Director is for me. I have spent my life working with children, planning their activities and creating programs. This job came along just after I “retired” but I could hear the calling to continue to use my gifts and experience for a new challenge. Praise the Lord!

~Vicki Rumpsa, Kids Hope USA Director