Building and Grounds Ministry

This ministry is responsible for the care and maintenance of the physical facilities of Hope Church.  It oversees repair and replacement of systems and equipment, the purchase of expendable supplies, the payment for utilities and services, and the management of IT systems. In short, this ministry keeps the physical plant functioning smoothly so that all the other ministries can function with the greatest efficiency, taking seriously the commitment to be good stewards of our church resources.

Christian Education Ministry

The goal of this ministry is to help Hope Church members and friends to grow and deepen their faith, as we all seek to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.  The ministry seeks to celebrate Hope’s diversity, to become even more faithful to the vision of Jesus and to assist the church in becoming a mission center in our community and world.  The ministry is carried out with a focus on:  adults, young adults, youth, and children.  A year’s activities can include:

The Adult Education Ministry including new ministry opportunities focused on Young Adults, functions under the umbrella of the Christian Education Ministry.

Community Ministry

The Community Ministry informs, engages, and supports Hope Church members, encouraging Christian action: to unleash the gifts that Hope Church can give and the relationships that can be formed to make our community a more loving, caring, and nurturing place. The Community Ministry supports social, economic, and environmental justice work undertaken by Hope Church members and through support of and partnership with a number of local organizations to meet needs for food, health, housing, education, and a sustaining environment. Kids Hope, the Caring For Creation Task Force, and Washington School Neighbors also find connection through the Community Ministry.

The Caring for Creation Task Force explores and informs about ways to consume responsibly to protect the environment, and to give each of us the tools to live a sustainable lifestyle and enhance God’s creation.

Congregational Care Ministry

This ministry includes a team of dedicated laity working with the pastoral staff to minister to both the needs and joys of the Hope Church family.  The ministry provides care through coordinating prayer, visits, transportation and meals. The Congregational Care Ministry invites the whole congregation to participate in sharing loving care and encouragement with one another to build up the body of Christ. The goal is to make the Hope Church family a caring, loving community of faith. Download Congregational Care Brochure (PDF)

Wisdom of the Wounded: Visit Hope Church member Karen Mulder’s website WisdomoftheWounded.com for information and stories from individuals who have been wounded which will help you become a more compassionate and caring friend.

The Health Ministry works under the umbrella of the Congregation Care Ministry.  Recognizing that we are stewards of our own good health, and realizing the importance of the connection of physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual wellness, the Health Ministry Team seeks to involve the members of Hope Church in a healing ministry to each other and the community.

Fellowship Ministry

The goal of the Fellowship Ministry is to provide opportunities for fellowship among the members and friends of Hope Church through an assortment of intergenerational events that will be of interest to all members. Pizza Sundays, the church picnic and ice cream social, summer activities, CranHill camping, weekly volleyball, as well as the traditional Lenten series and Advent series are all planned to involve those who are interested in fellowship with other Hope church members and friends. The ministry welcomes ongoing input and support of the Hope Church community.

Outreach and Hospitality

The Outreach and Hospitality Ministry seeks to reach out to visitors and non-members in the Holland community and area to encourage their participation and membership in Hope Church.  The ministry also works within Hope Church to foster a sense of warmth, openness, and hospitality that will enrich the life of the church and promotes interaction between members and visitors.  The ministry plans and coordinates the Orientation to Hope Church classes, new members and confirmation receptions, Sunday greeters, production of the Hope Church News and the church directory, and media coverage.  The groups also oversees disability concerns and promotes the commitment of Hope Church as a Room for All congregation. A Communications Task Force and Disability Task force work under the umbrella of Outreach and Hospitality.

Personnel Committee

This committee is responsible to the consistory for all decisions related to staffing issues and acts as liaison between the congregation and ordained and non-ordained staff members.

Reconciliation Ministry

The Hope Church mission statement drawing on the Belhar Confession calls us to be committed to unity, reconciliation, and justice.  The Reconciliation Ministry focuses on the implementation of Hope Church’s commitment to this vision. In implementing this commitment the Reconciliation Ministry

Stewardship and Finance Ministry

The Stewardship and Finance Ministry seeks to cultivate the outlook and action of true stewards in the congregation through the generous sharing of God-given time, talent and possessions for service to others.  Oversight of the annual church budget and financial statements is the primary responsibility of the Stewardship & Finance ministry.  Periodically, this team spearheads an audit which includes a compliance review of established financial procedures to ensure everyone who deals with money in the church is following established policies and procedures.

The Endowment Fund Board works with the Consistory and the Stewardship and Finance Ministry to enrich and supplement the ministry and mission of Hope Church. Working with a professional investment management firm, the Board oversees investment of the endowment funds and receives gifts and bequests to help support Hope Church in perpetuity. Each year a portion of the interest, dividends, and gains received on the invested funds is returned to Hope Church.

Worship, Prayer, and Spirituality Ministry

This ministry focuses on the creating and maintaining a worshipful environment for Hope Church. The ministry plans for worship seasons by attending to the aesthetic, musical, liturgical, spiritual, and theological aspects of worship. Specifically, this ministry utilizes seasonal banners, carefully planned music, liturgical dance, and oversees communion celebrations in cooperation with the Board of Elders. WPS supports the music ministry of the church, including the Chancel Choir, the Carillon Choir, and seasonal children’s and youth choirs. This ministry is also responsible for the radio ministry and for making worship service recordings available. The ministry acts as a sounding board through which the congregation can convey their responses to worship. This ministry also works to develop the congregation’s spirituality by offering adult education classes, visual displays, literature to guide daily prayer and devotions, healing services, and retreat opportunities.

The Sacristy Guild works under the umbrella of the Worship, Prayer and Spirituality Ministry and assists in caring for the paraments, artwork, and communionware.