Ministry/Committee Highlight: Building and Grounds Committee

The Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for the care and maintenance of the physical facilities of Hope Church. It oversees repair and replacement of systems and equipment, the purchase of expendable supplies, and the payment for utilities and services. This ministry keeps the physical plant functioning smoothly so that all the other ministries can operate efficiently, taking seriously the commitment to be good stewards of our church resources, while remaining mindful of and maintaining the historical beauty of our place of worship.

Provide provisions for the journey.

  1. Use our new sound board and computer connections to continue streaming services over internet for radio broadcast by WHTC and listening via internet.
  2. Use that same new sound board to record sermons, as well as backup record ability of the computer, to allow creation, editing and burning of CDs.
  3. We have a new phone and computer support company working with us to upgrade the wireless internet access throughout the church.
  4. Run sound for Sunday service, classes and meetings in Commons and new chapel.
  5. Worked with our heating and cooling contractor to get a central control system so staff can program heating and cooling from their computers.

Welcome all.

  1. Signage: Parking lot, building and rooms.
  2. Facilities Maintenance: snow removal, lawn care, sprinklers, gardens, recruit gardeners, floor cleaning, lighting.
  3. Maintaining handicap access ramps and doors.
  4. Meeting spaces for community activities and groups – Tulip City Camera Club, Audubon Society, family reunions, weddings, etc.

Connect with and witness to the community.

  1. Maintain space for CDS Child Development Services.
  2. Arrange web hosting service for our website and e-mail service.
  3. Provide support for the rain garden, community garden, and other environmental projects.

Engender deep engagement.

  1. Assist with hanging art displays, banners, etc.
  2. Make available space for groups and activities – kitchen, nursery, choir room, offices, worship space, Sunday school rooms.
  3. Provide mobile sound for season start celebration, quiet garden benches, etc.

We also want to celebrate and thank the many volunteers who help with caring for our facility and grounds. We’d like to make special mention of David VanHeest and Doug Abell for their leadership with the gardens and Peter Boogaart for his leadership with the rain garden. Special thanks also to our staff. They do great work, and they give of time that goes far beyond our budget numbers. We also need to thank Andrew Bunnell for his dedication with our sound board and new sound systems.

If you have any talents or interest in any of these areas that you’d like to share, we welcome you to join us. We meet at noon on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Contact any of the Building and Grounds Committee members: Duane Kooyers (chair), Ben Sikkink, Leon Knoll, Robert Jerow with support from David Hawley and staff support from Megan Arevalo, Katie Norris, Gordon Wiersma, and Ric Beltran.