Ministry Highlight: Communications Task Force

The original goal of the Communications Task Force was to develop a cohesive and strategic approach to all communications within and beyond Hope Church to be more effective in sharing the mission of our congregation and inviting people to be engaged in the life of our church. The Communications Task Force focuses on supporting the Outreach and Hospitality Ministry with efforts in creating, writing, and placing strategic advertising and marketing messages. They also research and suggest additional communication vehicles for use within and beyond Hope Church.

Here are some things the Task Force has been working on in recent months: updating our Hope Church ads, creating new scripture “memes” for use on Facebook, creating a new summer brochure, and designing invitations for the Living Hope Celebration (April 29!).

The group was originally pulled together but is open to others joining. Members currently include Lois Maassen, Michael Kolk, Pastor Gordon Wiersma, Pastor Jill Russell, and Megan Arevalo. If you are interested in learning more about the Communications Task Force, please contact Megan in the church office to discuss the ways in which you can serve Hope Church in this way.

~Megan Arevalo, Communications Task Force Member