Ministry Highlight: Sacristy Guild

What is the Sacristy Guild? It is a group of people who take time each week to prepare the sanctuary for worship. The work of the Sacristy Guild is to ensure that our sanctuary reflects the holiness and the joy that we all create together in worship. In preparing for each service, the guild members need to change paraments (Ecclesiastical vestments or hangings—they are hanging from each pulpit along with the covering of the communion table in front of the sanctuary), set out communion ware, make sure the cross is in place, set out the Paschal candle if needed, mark liturgical readings in the pulpit and lectern Bibles, and organize pew hymnals and Bibles.

The Sacristy Guild also helps with placing artwork throughout the church, as well as cleaning the linens after a communion service, polishing the silver communion ware when needed, taking the wax out of the votive candle holders, and helping to prepare and then clean the home communion kits. The church office sends us instructions each week as to what needs to be done. We work with the Worship, Prayer and Spirituality Ministry; our pastors, Gordon and Jill; our resident artists, Kari Miller-Fenwood and Rachelle Oppenhuizen; and Ric Beltran, our custodian/caretaker. With all of us working together, we prepare the sanctuary for our regular services, weddings, funerals, baptisms, concerts, advent, lent, and special events.

The members of the Sacristy Guild are Linda Tiemstra Cook, Michelle Gerig, Judy Werkman, Nancy Rock and Joyce Teusink. We would like to thank Nancy Rock for her time of service with us. We wish her well in her retirement! We are looking for new members, so if you have any questions regarding Sacristy Guild, or would like to help in any way, please contact Joyce Teusink, chairperson of Hope Church Sacristy Guild.

With all of the renovations going on this year, it has been a challenge to try and keep the sanctuary dust free. While dusting the pews, my mind wandered to thoughts that our sanctuary has been a place of worship for more than 150 years. I give thanks for the sacredness of our space. We are excited to have the new ramp available for use for entrance to the sanctuary and the choir loft. We look forward to maintaining a sacred and holy place for worship. To God be the glory—Shalom from the Sacristy Guild.

~Joyce Teusink, Sacristy Guild Chair