One Lord. One Church. 24/7 Prayer

one lord one churchPastors and leaders have been gathering to pray for the Church in West Michigan; praying for apathy to be removed, repentance to be embraced and the Church to be unified and empowered, serving Jesus as Lord. An initiative entitled One Lord. One Church. emerged from this group. The Hope Church Worship, Prayer and Spirituality Ministry has worked to coordinate our congregation’s participation with other local congregations. We believe this will be a powerful statement of humility and a witness to the community and the Church of our unity in Christ.

There are several aspects to this week long effort. One of them is the 24/7 Prayer:

  • During the week area congregations will divide the workload and cover the church in 24/7 Prayer at the Moran Park Church Outbuilding at the corner of Pine Avenue and 22nd Streets.
  • Hope Church is committed to providing prayer coverage for seven slots. If you would like to participate you can sign up online.
  • People are also asked to pray from their homes throughout the week. You can see the reverse side for the guide to prayer created by the One Lord, One Church team.

In addition to the 24/7 prayer effort, there will be an Interdenominational Service of Prayer held on June 6 from 7-9pm at the Maas Auditorium of Hope College. All are invited to attend.