The life of Hope Church is tended to by many gifted leaders who give guidance and structure to who we are and what we do as a community of faith.

The Consistory is the central leadership group, elected by the congregation to three-year terms to be responsible for decisions about church policy, program, and facilities, and to be attentive to the needs of the congregation and the community.

The Consistory comprises eleven elders and eleven deacons, along with our two pastors. Elders have specific responsibility for the care of the church membership and guidance of our worship services. Deacons give particular attention to financial and property issues, as well as support for services to our community and missions that reach across the world.

The Executive Committee of the Consistory helps to determine the issues that need attention from Consistory as they do their work together. The Personnel Committee is responsible to the consistory for all decisions related to staffing issues. It acts as a liaison between the congregation and ordained and non-ordained staff members.

The Consistory connects to a broad group of Ministries and Committees that help to carry out the programs and priorities of Hope Church. The Ministries and Committees are made up of volunteers, using the many gifts of hospitality, compassion, teaching, service, and leadership that the Holy Spirit blesses us with to build up our congregation and serve our community. As the Ministries and Committees plan and carry out the programs of Hope Church, many others join in giving of their talents and time. At Hope Church, leadership is collaborative and shared, as together we seek to be faithful to the Lord we serve together.

Hope Church has two full-time co-pastors, sharing preaching and worship leadership as well as pastoral care and administrative responsibilities. The pastors work closely with Consistory to carry out a collaborative model of leadership that seeks God’s will in the shared voices and gifts of the community of faith. Hope Church has an assistant pastor of discipleship, whose work involves programming leadership, spiritual formation, community witness, worship leadership, and pastoral care.

Our church administrator works with our staff to support the church program and facilities and to serve our congregation and community.

The deacons provide support for and nurture relationships with Hope Church’s Mission Partners.