Prepare to Celebrate the Living Hope Renovation Project

As this newsletter goes to press, the architecture, engineering, and construction teams are checking their work, preparing punchlists, and finalizing details. Some electrical and fire monitoring system work will continue into early March, we believe, and a couple of projects, notably the 11th Street Entrance stairs repair, require reliable warmer weather.

Over the next month, we’ll be moving in new furniture, rearranging some of what we have, and reorganizing what’s been put in storage over the course of the construction project. Watch for opportunities for volunteers to help with those projects as well as do-it-yourself spruce-ups in some rooms that were out of scope for the major project.

And double-check your calendar to be sure that you’ve noted April 29 as the date for our dedication and open-house celebration! We’ll host members of the design and construction team, neighbors, and others from the community in addition to Hope Church folks for tours and refreshments.

~Lois Maassen, Project Team Leader

Living Hope Renovations Pun of the Month

Pastor Gordon: “Pastor Jill, at our next meeting do we still need to talk about reupholstering the furniture?”
Pastor Jill: “No, Pastor Gordon, that issue has already been covered…but if you have any questions you can contact the chair.”