Randy Smit: Personal Care Attendants Employment Opportunity

 Randy Smit is looking for personal care attendants to help with his daily physical needs and routine.  Happy “graduates” from Smits compassionate creativity emporium have been fairly healthy, self-aware, strong and sensitive (enough.)  They end up with stellar letters of recommendation, great core strength from the lifting and lots of tears and hugs of gratitude upon their departure.  Many have gone on to work at churches or hospitals [2 at U. of M.]… or to PT or medical schools or seminaries… Other non-student types kindle fond memories and can still be heard telling friends… “Sometimes I even took my kids along, it worked out fine.  In fact, if I were working for him right now I’d be sitting at the beach, getting him set up and then reading my book (half the time it felt weird taking money from them as much sitting as I did when the basics were covered.)”  So, if anyone comes to mind… Thanks friends.