Request for Climate Action

The Caring for Creation ministry wanted to pass along and recommend a message from the Climate Witness Project, which is a project of the Office of Social Justice of the Christian Reformed Church. Click below to sign the petition!

Urge the Michigan Public Service Commission to Set a Fair Solar Tariff

Dear CWP Partner,

The growth of solar energy in Michigan is at risk. Will you join other Partners of the Climate Witness Project in signing a petition to safeguard the future of renewable energy in Michigan?

The Michigan legislature has tasked the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) with recommending a utility tariff that will apply to solar energy generators. Too high a tariff will disincentivize homeowners and small business owners from potentially investing in solar energy, promoting the continued use of fossil fuels instead.

Faithful stewardship of God’s creation motivates us to seek to grow our use of renewable energy. Wise stewardship of our resources pushes us to seek sustainable, financially-savvy practices. Join the CWP in urging MPSC to recommend a fair and generous rate for solar energy producers!