Seeking Objects to Borrow for History Table Display

When Hope Church celebrated its sesquicentennial in 2012, Judy Parr sought various items for a display of mementos related to the congregation’s history. People supplied hymnals, bibles, Sunday School books, newsletters of the 1940s, a needlepoint reproduction of the RCA seal, several old photographs of church activities, cross-shaped name tags, and even a nail from the church that burned in the 1871 fire.

For the Renovation Open House on April 29 and for a Tulip Time organ concert that Ronda Edgington will perform on May 7, Judy is seeking items of historical interest to display on a table in the Gathering Area. At this table copies of the Hope Church history book will also be available.

If you still have what you provided in 2012 or if you have something that you think would be suitable to display, contact Judy Parr at She and Hope Church archivist Bill Van Dyke will be at the table on April 29 and May 7 to answer questions and distribute copies of Hope Church Holland, Michigan: The First 150 Years 1862–2012. Your items will be securely stored between April 28 and May 7, and Judy and Bill will make sure that items you provided will be returned to you. Thanks for helping people remember the history of Hope Church.

~Judy Parr, Hope Church member