Approved by the Consistory April 14, 2014

As Christians and part of the Reformed Church in America, we are called to work to affect the culture in which we live. We seek to participate in God’s restoration and healing of creation, and to work toward peace, justice, and reconciliation.

Hope Church encourages its members to be politically active as guided by the Spirit; it does not endorse particular political parties or candidates. To do so would compromise the church’s legal status as a non-profit organization, and, more importantly, it would promote the notion that there is a single path to justice. Members of our congregation will think for themselves and speak with their own voices, informed by the Biblical call to love God and our neighbors. At Hope Church, we expect differences and seek to be governed by humility, charity, and civility.

As an RCA church, Hope Church is served and governed by a Consistory. As a leadership body and among its other responsibilities, the Consistory is charged to address injustice and care for God’s world, always grounded in the Word of God. When such situations arise, Consistory will acknowledge the diversity among us and weigh carefully the impulse to speak, our desire for unity, and the effectiveness and impact of a statement.

As we live out this calling as a congregation, we seek to nurture a community that welcomes all and encourages all to express their faith with conviction and grace. To do this we: