Stewardship Update

FINAL PICTUREThis year, in Christian Education classes and through our annual fund campaign, we will use the metaphor of “living stones” to help us remember that, while our building may evolve in exciting new ways, in the greater scheme of things, it is the lives of all of us which create this wonderful “spiritual house” that is the Church.

As you consider your annual pledge for the future of Hope Church, keep in mind that we are like living stones, building our spiritual house together. For several years we have used the image of a three-legged stool (representing our annual fund drive, our capital campaign, and our endowment) to remind each other of the many ways in which we support our spiritual house. You will be receiving a letter later this month regarding our annual fund drive.It includes a number of budget related matters for you to review as you reflect on how you can be a “living stone” contributor to the “spiritual house” that is Hope Church.

This October we plan to follow an informational and budgeting process similar to last year:

  • You will receive a copy of the 2017 budget in your stewardship mailing later this month.
  • With this budget in mind, please give careful and prayerful thought to the level of contribution you can commit during 2017. You will be invited to bring your pledge form to church on Stewardship Sunday, November 13, or you can mail it to the church office by that date.
  • On Sunday, January 15, there will be a congregational meeting to discuss and vote on the final 2017 budget. Through these last months of 2016 there will also be regular updates on weekly contributions toward our 2016 commitments.

The Living Stone beckons us to join in building our spiritual house of worship, service, and prayer. We are beckoned to be living stones who live and share our faith in community together. As you make your annual pledge to the life of Hope Church, celebrate with us the many ways that Hope Church comes alive through each of us, living stones.

~The Stewardship and Finance Ministry