Thank You from Walk for Warmth 2017

My heart was truly warmed by Hope Church from the kind and cheerful donations given by members to this event. Hope Church was able to support the Walk for Warmth in the amount of $851. I want all of Hope Church to know of the compassion I saw as it was extended to those struggling to pay utility bills. There were two stories shared, one by a past recipient, and the other by a worker, both of whom spoke of the intersection of cost of affordable housing in Holland, an unexpected bill such as a car repair, and winter utility bills – which combined can put a family in trouble. The worker added the comment that if families can be helped not to fall behind at a crunch time, they can so often keep going without late fees or other more serious repercussions of bill payment problems such as a shut off notice. I know many families will be helped by Hope Church’s kindness. I know I was helped to experience the cheerfulness with which this was done.

~Norma Killilea