Thank You

Thank you for sponsoring Holland Pride. Your generous donation made this year’s Pride event possible. All proceeds benefit the Out on the Lakeshore center. We personally thank you for being the change.
~Sara & Michele Driesenga, Holland Pride Chairs

Dear Hope Church,
Thank you once again for your generosity in opening your doors on Women’s Service Day. Our event is a success because of our ability to make lunch and serve over 150 volunteers from our community. We appreciate your flexiblity and willingness to be part of WSD.
~Sincerely, Christine, Michele, Lindsey, Cindy, Marcia, Angie, Kallie, Lois, Nancy, Carrie, and Avril

Dear Hope Church family,
You have all been so helpful to me with your prayers and expressions of sympathy at Bob’s death. Pastors Gordon and Jill and Ginger Clark, our parish nurse, have made numerous visits to Bob at Freedom Village Inn and to me at our apartment. They, and all of you, have brought God’s love and comfort to us both.
~With prayerful thanks, Rita Snow

Dear friends:
Just a thank you to all who made the RfA Conference a smashing success. The reception at Hope was unprecedented. A special thanks to the kitchen crew. I am still trying to lose the pounds I had gained but it was worth every calorie.
~Blessings, Don Jiskoot