Thank You’s: March

Dear Hope Church:
I am humbled and grateful to report that I will be providing to Community Action Agency $495 which was contributed by members/families of Hope Church for the Walk for Warmth 2015. Being able to help families (400 last year) to avoid a utility shut-off is a very real way of helping people.
Thank you so very much,
~Norma Killilea

Dear Hope Church members,
Thank you so much for sending me the Hope Church News! I always enjoy it. I’m too old to travel anymore, so the “News” is my best way of keeping in touch.
~Ruth Vrieling

It seemed like an avalanche of cards in the mail after the blizzard of 2015 in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Thank you Hope Church Friends for helping to make my 102nd birthday such a happy one with cards and good wishes.
~Dorothy Robinson

To all of my very dear people of Hope,
I thank you from the heart: your wonderful generosity in bringing your beautiful Christmas card with the poinsettias and the wonderful choir who came to sing of the world’s greatest gift. I trust that you are all well and rejoicing the gift of our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I find that words to express my appreciation are very hard to come by. My prayer for you for 2015 is that His grace, mercy, and peace are to be found for all of your greatest needs.
Love and Prayers,
~Bob Hanna