Thanks for Improved Accessibility

The Hope Church Disability Concerns Task Force (DCTF) has been excited about all the ways in which the Living Hope project has addressed accessibility issues within our building. To be specific, we are thrilled to note:

  • improved access to our chancel area;
  • the addition of the elevator;
  • the installation of many lever door openers (vs. knobs);
  • the addition of loop technology to the new chapel;
  • improved access to our building from the parking lot, i.e., the protective overhang;
  • elimination of the step when dropping off people at the door;
  • the intent for the automatic door opener to be functional whenever the church is open.

Additionally, I’m sure there are other ways, too, in which Hope Church’s accessibility for all has been improved. Thanks to all who have made this possible!

In recent weeks, the DCTF has been collecting suggestions as to how we can further fine tune, either architecturally or programmatically, our efforts to make Hope Church as inclusive and welcoming as possible for all persons. So, if you have suggestions as to how we can further address your needs or those of others you know, please let us know. Stop by the Welcome Center where you will find an accessibility survey. Fill out this form, including your suggestions, and leave it at the WC. Thanks so much for your help in enhancing how Hope Church provides a welcome and sense of belonging for all persons.

~Judy VanderWilt, Disability Concerns Task Force chair