The New Fast Food: A Program of Eighth Day Farm

To feed the hungry in our area with food that is healthy, delicious, and grown in ways that steward creation.

The New Fast Food is an innovative approach to feeding the hungry in our community. Instead of donating a random variety of vegetables and assuming recipients know how to utilize them, we are attempting to tackle key obstacles people face when receiving produce. For a variety of complex reasons, preparing food has become difficult and intimidating for many people and, as a result, unhealthy processed foods that are ready made and convenient are the staples of most diets. There are enormous health care and quality of life costs associated with these dietary choices that affect both individuals and society. The New Fast Food addresses not only the problem of hunger, but of health; as increased health correlates to better employment and stronger families.

The New Fast Food makes eating healthy more attractive and convenient. Attractive because the meals taste great! Convenient because all the ingredients necessary to make the meal are included in the brown bag along with a recipe card, QR Code and link to an instructional video that explains how to prepare the meal step by step.

These bags will be distributed through partnerships with local organizations that have a history of serving those in our community. Eighth Day Farm is collaborating with Community Action House, Center for Women in Transition, Good Samaritan Ministries, Breakfast with Baby, St. Vincent’s pantry, and the Mobile Food Pantry. We plan to distribute over 2,500 meals in 2016. All the produce will be grown at the Growth Center site at 709 Pine Avenue.

We are looking for 500 people to become monthly supporters at just $5/month to fight hunger with health! Please consider making a difference by joining today at:

Thank you, and God bless!

~Jeff Roessing, Eighth Day Farm