Tree of Light 2017: A Different Kind of Giving

As in past years, Hope Church is supporting families within our community in helping with Christmas gifts for children and parents. But different this year, is that we will simply be asking you to purchase and contribute $25 gift cards along with a Christmas card. The process will go like this:

Hope Church Christmas Gift Card Project

  1. Remove a tag from the tree
  2. Purchase a $25 gift card and a greeting card from Meijer, Target, or Walmart
  3. Write greetings and blessings for the Holidays and New Year in the card
  4. Place gift card in the envelope with greeting card. DO NOT SEAL ENVELOPE
  5. Return UNSEALED envelope with contents and return it to the Tree of Light
  6. ​Deadline is Sunday, December 17
  7. Hope Church will deliver all cards within our community.
    Our goal is fifty gift cards!

In the past, I know that many of us have enjoyed shopping for and wrapping presents to bring back to put under the tree, and it’s wonderful to see the many presents at Hope Church. This is a good thing, but some feedback we’ve received from local agencies has guided us to another good way to do things too. Rather than receiving purchased presents, many organizations now are requesting that gift cards be donated so that parents can make decisions together about gifts for their families. Just as we do, these parents would enjoy the opportunity to go shopping and to wrap presents for their families. Just as we do, these parents enjoy knowing that the gifts under their tree reflects some of their love and individual attention. So we realize that it may not be quite as enjoyable initially for us to purchase “just” gift cards, but what we can all do is consider the extra joy we are providing to those who are empowered to make choices about their family Christmas celebration. And please note – the personal Christmas card that you send is a very important part of this project! Please make a point to express your greetings of love and joy for the season, which will be a gift of support and blessing for our neighbors. God’s blessings to all of you for your generosity in supporting this project, as we join together our gifts and prayers to express the love of Jesus Christ in our community. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!