Washington School Neighbors Update: August 2016

12003377_1023553540998596_5261492486094116012_nDear Hope Church,

I am encouraged when I hear of churches working together for a greater good. That encouragement includes gratitude for your support which made possible my job these past several years as WSN Connector. However, as of July I am no longer serving as Neighborhood Connector in Washington School Neighborhood. We have decided to put our resources more directly into what has emerged, specifically the community gardens and volunteer engagement. Though I will miss this role and the relationships I’ve developed as Connector, I look forward to seeing how our neighborhood is energized by this next chapter in asset-based community development and how our churches will continue to find common ground here in the surrounding blocks for the life of the neighborhood. Thank you.

To contact WSN please use info@washingtonschoolneighbors.com.

~Andrew Spidahl, Former Neighborhood Connector