Wisdom of the Wounded

The word of God speaks to the fact that we are all wounded and broken. It is also true that every one of us is tasked with encouraging and supporting those who are hurting. Yet very few of us feel confident to do so.

Wisdom of the Wounded is a perspective on how to support those who are hurting with love. It has been Karen Mulder’s passion to listen. To listen and give time and space to those who are suffering, those who have suffered and those who desire to offer their support and care. Wisdom of the Wounded is a place. A place where this perspective can be shared.
To be able to meet someone in their suffering is challenging – to know what to say to them and to know how to be present with them in it. It is a gift to be in a position to care for someone. Through Wisdom of the Wounded, Karen Mulder is a guide to help you with this gift.

Visit WisdomoftheWounded.com for information and stories from individuals who have been wounded which will help you become a more compassionate and caring friend.

~Karen Mulder, Hope Church member