Youth Ministry: May 2016

It’s here! That effervescent and hope-filled time of year when the flowers bud, the orange-bellied robin makes his return, the buzz of honeybees tickle your ears, and you pull out your hiking boots from the back of the closet to make sure they still fit. Well, at least that is a spring ritual when you are a Fish Clubber.

Over the next couple of months, both youth groups will be engaged in activities to prepare for their respective trips this summer. On April 24, Fish Club celebrated their kick off for Appalachian Trail training, by walking the CROP walk. During Tulip Time, High Hopes will be raising money for our work trip out east by managing our parking lot for tourists during the parade. We are so excited not only for these actual traditional trips, but for the anticipation and team building we foster by engaging in fund raising and training.

Believe it or not, we still have apple pies for sale! If you have a hankering for some pie, consider purchasing one for $12. See Beth or stop by the office to pick one up. Until then, happy gardening!

~Beth Carroll, Youth Ministry Director