Youth Ministry: October 2016

“I like how modern it looks.” “I like how much light comes in the room now.” “I love the colors.” On September 18, High Hopes and Fish Club celebrated not only a new year, but also our new space. In addition to some of our yearly kick off traditions, like a pizza party and a scavenger hunt, we took some time to reflect on the older space in addition to dedicating the new. While the youth were quick to describe all of the wonderful new features of the renovated youth room, we also found meaning in reflecting on our favorite memories of the older space. Over the years, our youth have enjoyed primarily the memories of shared time together, but even expressed enjoyment over some of the quirkier features of the room. The mustard yellow armchair, which sat sometimes 2-3 youth at a time. The unique hiding places the “pit” offered in games of hide and seek and sardines. All of the shared snacks and conversation around the island, even if it did occasionally mean sharing with an ant or 2.

What rose to the top in our discussion was the great affirmation our youth feel in being gifted with this brand new beautiful and functional room. The new space makes them feel cared for and prioritized in our church body. It even allows us to think beyond our four walls to exploring ways the space “blesses us to be a blessings” to those in our every day community. I invite you to share in the prayer we offered that opening night.

God of our world, both around us and with us here we give you thanks and praise
through Jesus Christ your Son. You have blessed the works of the hands who built this room and your Holy Spirit is already at work using it to shape our lives and those who we care for.
Just as you welcome us here, make us welcoming of others.
Just as you feed us here, help us to feed your sheep.
Just as we laugh here, make us those who bring joy to your world.
Just as we share here, help us to be those who share your word in love and deed.
Help us to be faithful stewards of the gift of this space.
In Jesus’s name, Amen.

~Beth Carroll, Resident Pastor of Youth and Young Adultsfish-club-logo-with-wordshh-logo